“After having both hips replaced at the age of 16 and years of visits to the chiropractor, which provided only short term relief, I had resigned myself to the fact that muscle and joint pain was a fact of life.  However, in a last ditch effort to find an escape from the non-stop aches and pains, I agreed to give Jan and her Stop The Pain! Treatment a try.  It is important to note that I was very skeptical of the entire method and did not foresee anything of value resulting from it.  However, unlike most quick fix pain solutions which require weekly visits back to the doctor to “maintain health”, Jan and her innovative methods allowed for my long term pain relief. I was also willing to put forth the effort to help maintain the progress that had been made through stretching and physical activity.  Unlike most quick fix philosophies that abound in medicine today, Jan and her Stop The Pain! Treatment addresses the root cause of the pain and discomfort, and in doing so, allow for a more pain free healthy outlook on life.  In all reality, there are no words to describe the improvements in my overall quality of life since first visiting with Jan over three years ago.”

-Corey C., Columbus, OH  

“As a cyclist and marathon runner, I have tried many types of bodywork over the years to enhance performance and rehabilitation after injury.  I have tried deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy; but the modality that provides lasting results is the Stop The Pain! Treatment.  The beauty of Jan’s work is that it respects the muscles, working with them rather than assaulting them.  If you are already in pain, why would you want to be poked, prodded, or elbowed?  Jan combines compression, extension, movement, and breath...the muscles release, and you are pain free!”

-Dru G., Lewis Center, OH

“I’m a massage therapist.  Regardless of how many ‘deep tissue or neuromuscular’ massages I received, I was still subject to severe migraine headaches, as well as chronic neck pain.  Jan introduced me to the Stop The Pain! Treatment and after two treatments, the headaches stopped.  That got my full attention, and I began a daily stretching routine.  Within six weeks, most of the chronic neck pain was gone.  Upon further treatment, and additional self-stretches, all the pain vanished!”

-Gary J., Columbus, OH

“When I started going to Jan a few years ago, my physical ailments were numerous and varied.  Initially, I was seeking help with severe tendinitis, which had plagued me for years.  After successful treatment with the Stop The Pain! Treatment, I soon returned for more help - this time for plantar fasciitis in both feet.  I had tried warm baths, shoe inserts, sitting with my feet up...but nothing helped.  Then after only two treatments, the condition completely disappeared.  When my frozen shoulder produced so much pain that it was completely hampering my daily routine, I once again opted for treatment with the Stop The Pain! Treatment.  Again, success!  Now, instead of settling for traditional medical practices of simply treating symptoms with drugs or surgery, I go to Jan every month for a ‘tune-up’ as the most effective treatment I’ve ever found.”

-Diane C., Columbus, OH

“My back feels so much better & I just wanted to thank you.  It’s amazing.  Amazing.  I feel so much better; I can move!  You’re just...you’re amazing!”

-Jennifer L., Lewis Center, OH

“What I liked most was feeling like I was heard and understood, learning about my body and problem, and how to fix it in a clear and simple way.  I am impressed by the experience and knowledge you’ve shown!”

-new Stop The Pain! Treatment client

“What I liked most was the knowledge Jan seemed to have of my condition.  I definitely felt much better when I left and I have continued my stretching.”

-new Stop The Pain! Treatment client

"What I liked most was being stretched!  It feels great!  I liked that Jan explained what the muscles were and their functions.  It gave me some context for the stretches."

- STP! Tx client

"Thank you!  I am excited and hopeful about my future progress."

- STP! Tx client

"Wonderful healing experience."

- Bev C.

"On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my session an 11.  Jan was professional, caring, and very knowledgeable.  I have been referring everyone I know.  Thank you so much."

-STP! Tx client

"Good customer service, good results.  I was very impressed how attentive, friendly, and concerned Jan was about me and my personal needs.  I am very thankful for the Stop The Pain! results and home care."

-STP! Tx client

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